How to FINALLY Master Your Family budgeting even if you’re a busy mom

to quickly give you the confidence to manage your family finances and build savings with more ease and clarity.

Say No More To…


Fear or doubt about your money management capabilities


Wondering where all the money goes to every month


Living paycheck to paycheck


Money related arguments

Instead, say YES to more…


Peace of mind


Family vacations


Family experiences


Financial Security

It’s time to make 2021 the year where financial chaos is a thing of the past and move into what matters most, experiencing life with your family to the fullest.

Hi, I’m Marian…

  I’m a nurse turned mompreneur, married to a paramedic fire captain and blessed with 2 very active kids.

We’re knee deep in some crazy times right now but believe it or not, this could be a blessing in disguise for you and your family.

Back in 2008 when my family had our wake up call, we learned just how badly we’ve been handling our finances (like $120K bad).  I felt embarrassed, ashamed and constantly stressed out about the hole we dug ourselves into.

And it wasn’t easy to dig ourselves out but I can tell you right now that we’ve been living debt free for 7+ years and it was ALL WORTH IT!

I realized how many families could be benefiting from our mistakes and lessons we learned along the way so I’m here to do my part in helping other families to live a more prepared and empowered life, starting with getting their family finances in control.

Meeting with Marian was a game changer for our family! She helped set-up a budgeting system that actually works for us and allow us to intentionally achieve our financial goals.

John and Rosie


Marian made getting out of debt doable. Since we worked together our family has been able to create a workable budget. I love you FOREVER for taking the time to make money seem simple

Naomi B.


How To Work With Me

Done For You YNAB Budget Set Up + 90 Minute Coaching Session

Get your Family Budget Plan fully mapped out in YNAB using the budget by priority approach.

During the 90 minute coaching session, I will do all the set up leg work FOR YOU and explain everything as I go and then all the ins and outs of YNAB will be reviewed, along with all the different workflows so you can zip through the learning curve and know exactly how to easily manage and stay on top of your current and future family financial goals.

Done With You Budget Plan Set Up + 5 Coaching Sessions

If you know you need additional support and personal guidance to help you through the 5 Simple Steps of Budget Planning, this is the perfect option. 

I will personally work with you through each of the steps to create and build a budget system and routine that will make it super easy for you to not just confidently manage your current finances but also know exactly what and how to pivot when needed.

There is no one size fits all so each session’s focus will be on the step that YOU need support on. That’s the best part about working 1:1 with a Budget Coach as opposed to taking a course or group program.

The focus is on you and doing what it takes to move you from overwhelm to complete financial control and peace of mind.

 I would say that before working with Marian my husband and I were not that great with handling finances. Although bills were never late, it felt like we were living paycheck to paycheck – always barely making it to the next payday, but never able to set goals for our future. After just a few weeks, we have learned to budget money better, start saving for goals that affect our daughter’s future, and also make more intentional financial decisions so we always know where our money is going. I am so happy we decided to work with Marian! It has been a great return on our investment!



Are you ready to ditch the budgeting overwhelm and make managing your family finances SIMPLE and EASY to start?

If not now, then when?

“This time next year, you will have wished you had started today. “

This Is Perfect For You If You:

Want someone to guide and support you from end to end and keep you accountable at the same time.

Are busy and want to have someone just help you cut through the learning curve of managing a budget so you don’t waste time on trying to figure things out on your own

Want someone to hand deliver over to you a proven and easy to manage budget plan and help you develop your own routines and habits around it so all you need to do is follow the steps.

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