8 Week Done For You, Done with You Family Budget Planning Program


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8 Weekly 60 minute 1 on 1 Consulting/Coaching Sessions

We’ll Cover:

  • Step 1: Goals

  • Step 2: Financial Health Check Up

  • Step 3: Budget Mapping 

  • Step 4: Tools

  • Step 5: Keeping the Momentum for Success


Done For You YNAB Budget Organization


Support, Guidance and Accountability via Email/Messenger


Weekly Post Session Summary & Next Steps Sent Via Email

Meeting with Marian was a game changer for our family! She helped set-up a budgeting system that actually works for us and allow us to intentionally achieve our financial goals.

John and Rosie


Hey…just want you to know…those couple sessions that I had with you were INCREDIBLE!!!!  Since then, we’ve paid off two cards.  I’ve settled on another card.  Working on my last two personal ones and then we’ll be tackling the rest of our family debt.You made it [getting out of debt] seem doable.

I love you FOREVER for taking the time to make money seem simple!

Naomi B.


Hi, I’m Marian…

  I’m a nurse turned mompreneur, married to a paramedic fire captain and blessed with 2 very active kids.

We’re knee deep in some crazy times right now but believe it or not, this could be a blessing in disguise for you and your family.

Back in 2008 when my family had our wake up call, we learned just how badly we’ve been handling our finances (like $120K bad).  I felt embarrassed, ashamed and constantly stressed out about the hole we dug ourselves into.

And it wasn’t easy to dig ourselves out but I can tell you right now that we’ve been living debt free for 7+ years and it was ALL WORTH IT!

I realized how many families could be benefiting from our mistakes and lessons we learned along the way so I’m here to do my part in helping other families to live a more prepared and empowered life, starting with getting their family finances in control.

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